Saturday, February 4, 2012

Angry Knicks Fan!

I am so fed up with the Tony Douglas plays defense argument. What are people watching this guy has been a liability on both ends of the floor. He plays or gets big minutes for his defense! Wrong Shumpert plays defense not Douglas. I am on and have been on the Jeremy Lin Wagon. With that said stop messing around Mike D'Antoni and do what works! Mike D'Antoni went wayyyyyyy to long with the Tony Douglas minutes last night! I am so mad! I am also fed up with Landry Fields missing corner three's over and over again. Get in the gym a few hours before the game and shoot three's Fields! Also shame shame shame for not having a timeout in the final possession of the Bulls Game the Knicks are right there and have played well these last few games lets get it together coach D'Antoni and the Knicks!

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    Tell'em why you mad son!

    If you think a declining Baron Davis or the Asian sensation J Lin is the answer then it's a sad day for NY - B-Ball. Carmelo aka Beyonce has turned Amare into Kelly Rollin, the irrelevant dark skinned chick/dude just trying to get some sort of shine.

    Note to Anthony...when you are triple teamed it usually means someone is such, pass the ball.