Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Letter to JR Smith

Dear JR Smith,
The Knicks would not have gotten to such a great start had it not been for your production coming off the bench. In the first 12 games you are averaging almost 16 points a game and almost a steal per game. During the Knicks hot start it was apparent that you had come into the season as a player focused and ready to be a serious candidate for 6 man of the year. Early on you remained a constant on both ends of the floor. As of late it seems that if your jump shot isn't falling it effects you on the defensive end as well. Tonight Jerry Stackhouse was able to turn back the hands of time and score 14 points and every 3 that he hit was critical in the Nets win. Everyone has a bad game or games for that matter as it is a long season. One thing that I believe one can control is defensive intensity you display a good propensity for the ball on defense you were  in sync during the first two weeks of the season. Please continue to focus on both sides of the ball no matter if your shot falls or not because you are the first weapon off the bench and you can dictate whether the team can come back from a deficit or help to increase a lead.The role of six man can be effective on both ends of the floor.  If this Knicks team is to contend you are going to be a major piece to the puzzle.
Continued Success,

Saturday, November 3, 2012

No Accident!

The Knicks wiped the floor with the World Champion Heat from start to finish and this was no accident.  The Knicks took away the Heats ability to run and open the floor.  Although both teams finished with 41 rebounds a piece the Knicks never let them get a full head of stream.  Also the Knicks have added a dimension to their game that Miami has to respect.  This Knicks team now has 3 quality point guards that attack the basket and play defense.  This team now has the personnel to defend for 48 minutes.  Jalen Rose and the nay sayers can chalk this Heat thrashing to disinterest or parting the night prior to the game but let's be clear this was no accident.  The Knicks stopped the run, played physical and defended and as a result the South Beach Bullies had a hard time.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bye Bye Lin?

Lin will be back! Adding Raymond Felton to the mix doesn't mean the end for Jeremy Lin.  If you look at the big picture the Knicks lost Landry Fields and had a need for another guard. I believe the Knicks are stocking up on point guards because in the last two seasons losing them to injury whether it was Billups or Lin became an issue. I think you have a team in the Knicks that can mix and match. Both Lin and Kidd can play the off guard. Look at how the Clippers played Billups and Paul last year.  It adds a dimension that Miami had some issue with.  This team now has guys who can push the ball and penetrate. The Heat have no big man to stop that. The Knicks have taken a page from the Dallas Mavericks Championship book this off season. Adding size in Camby and keeping the defense on it's heals by adding Kidd, Felton, and Prigioni. Last season proved that you can never have enough point guards on this Knicks team. Players like Stoudemire and Novack play better when they have play makers on the floor. The Knicks had Shumpert and Smith playing point guard at times and that is not their natural position. I love the Felton move but mark it down Lin is going no where the cash cow will be a Knick! Analyze!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Stat Stand Up!

The Knicks played very hard from beginning to end tonight however they allowed the Bulls 21 offensive rebounds and that is not acceptable. They must learn how to play hard but smart.  Mike D'antoni also has to change the everyone has freedom to score when they touch the ball philosophy. The fourth quarter should have been all about Amare Stoudemire who had it going in the third quarter only to attempt one shot in the fourth quarter.  Mike Dantoni  must adapt better to the flow of the game. In the last game Carmelo Anthony was hot in the first quarter and he sat him down in the beginning on the second quarter instead of riding his hot shooting.  Amare Stoudemire is being too passive. He needs to show the emotion that Carmelo Anthony showed toward Landry Fields in the fourth quarter.  He is one of the 100 million dollar men on the team and it's time for him to act like it and demand the ball!

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Linergizer!

Two and a half games in and Jeremy Lin has become a hero.  The Knicks season was spiraling out of control.  A Mike D’Antoni run team had no identity on the offensive end and became a one dimensional offensive team.  The New York Knicks for the first twenty games of the season became a get the ball to Carmelo Anthony and get out of the way offensive team.  People started to wonder if Mike D’Antoni was the right coach for this Knicks team.  Well not only is Lin the toast of the town but he saved Mike D’Antoni’s Knicks Life. Less than a week ago it was rumored that Mr. James Dolan signed off on the firing of Mike D’Antoni.  How quickly things change.  Mike D’Antoni is showing that his system works.   It also is amazing that for the first time in his NBA coaching career he has a team that plays defense.   It is scary how good this team can be.  Jeremy Lin has been the missing link that D’Antoni desperately needed all season.  All season long Knicks fans put there hope on a recovering Baron Davis a player that may never play a game for the Knicks this season.  The Knicks had a stroke of luck finding Lin and are now flying high with a 3 game win streak. During this stretch the Knicks new found franchise point guard is averaging 19.7 points and 7 assists a game. Lin has taken over this team with his energy and leadership on the floor.  He is truly the Knicks M.V.P this year.  In the three games that he has played one can already see the emergence of Novak and Chandler offensively.  The Knicks offense has ball movement and the spacing that is required for this offense to be a success.  Mike D’Antoni has found the Linergizer, The engine the helps to make his offense run.   Look out NBA Jeremy Lin is for real and the Knicks quietly now have a big four.  This will be a special Knicks season if everyone remains healthy.  The Knicks are vastly improved on the defensive end and if anyone doubted Mike D’Antoni this train is coming full steam ahead. Here comes the Linergizer and the New York Knicks to an arena near you!  Tonight it’s the Linergizer vs The Black Mamba let’s see how the Knicks fair against the Lakers tonight.  I believe that the Knicks will surprise people with how well they will play. Kobe Bryant will look to have a big game as always at MSG but Jeremy Lin will give the Lakers back court fits. Can the Knicks get their fourth straight win tonight?  It’s up to you Linergizer!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

SamIanalyze: Angry Knicks Fan!

SamIanalyze: Angry Knicks Fan!: I am so fed up with the Tony Douglas plays defense argument. What are people watching this guy has been a liability on both ends of the f...

Angry Knicks Fan!

I am so fed up with the Tony Douglas plays defense argument. What are people watching this guy has been a liability on both ends of the floor. He plays or gets big minutes for his defense! Wrong Shumpert plays defense not Douglas. I am on and have been on the Jeremy Lin Wagon. With that said stop messing around Mike D'Antoni and do what works! Mike D'Antoni went wayyyyyyy to long with the Tony Douglas minutes last night! I am so mad! I am also fed up with Landry Fields missing corner three's over and over again. Get in the gym a few hours before the game and shoot three's Fields! Also shame shame shame for not having a timeout in the final possession of the Bulls Game the Knicks are right there and have played well these last few games lets get it together coach D'Antoni and the Knicks!